Tasmanian Hospitality Association Together

The charitable THA Foundation, which launched in 2013, had a fantastic first year where our contributors were able to have a direct and positive impact on some special children and families in our communities. Chairperson Alexia Kalis and the board members recently recognised the need to promote the foundation’s work on a broader scale, for two primary reasons: to gain greater interest and support from the general public and to receive some recognition for the positive work being carried out.

THA Foundation board members agreed it was necessary to review the brand and positioning of the THA Foundation to make it more appealing to a broader audience. They invited a branding and digital design agency, Bravo, to support them in this process. The result is a new name, a clearly articulated purpose and a visual identity which is distinctive, unique and engaging.

The new purpose of THAT – Tasmanian Hospitality Association Together – includes a vision, mission and value statements which build on the strengths of the organisation and the charitable work done to date. Rather than simply donating cash to causes, THAT plans to maximise its hospitality network by providing goods and services that are meaningful and personalised to the children or families involved in the programmes. THAT is heartfelt hospitality.

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