Hospitality Careers

There are many employment opportunities in Hospitality venues ranging from Bar Attendant to Chef to Reception to Room Attendants to Industrial Cleaners to Greenkeepers to Social media managers etc, etc, etc.  The list is endless.

There are many ways to find a job in Hospitality – you can:

  • Drop in and talk to the manager of the venue – be well prepared, look smart and be engaged with the Manager – Managers are looking for people that can represent the venue to customers.  Maybe you get a trial shift right then and there – be ready.
  • Look on jobsites, use Seek and Gumtree as well as others, and don’t forget Facebook and Instagram.
  • Get trained (non-accredited or accredited, through VET or TasTAFE or private training organisations or employment agencies) and get some work experience – venue operators are always looking for the right people – a work experience where you shine may be what gets you the job.
  • Look closely at School Based Apprenticeships – they are a great way to get into the industry and complete your TCE, year 12 and be on the way to being qualified at the same time – earn while you learn.
  • Make sure anyone you know in the industry is aware of your interest – word of mouth and networks are a great employee feed for venues.

Important: Display a great attitude, make sure you let people know you are keen to learn, welcome customer engagement

Listed below are current opportunities we are aware of:


New vacancies coming to this page soon

New vacancies coming to this page soon