Looking after our Workforce

Looking after our Current Employees

Provide training throughout regional Tasmania – it’s not happening at present and reflects in standards – make it at the venue and affordable by enabling access to Registered Training Operators at the right price– stop holding back workers from reaching the mountains of increased standards.  THA has the package that will facilitate this – the Great Customer Experience Program.

Industry venues who most require the training are regionally based and worked full time by operators on small profit margins.  The training will be required to be when it best suits venues and without travel (ie at the venue) and must be affordable – we have evidence they want the training but are put off by the cost, A venues costs include paying their staff while they train.

The Apprenticeship and Traineeship model is not working for Hospitality.  The system needs significant analysis of all aspects of the process and we believe that THA is best positioned to do it properly. There are and continue to be reviews by stakeholder and these reviews generally result in more programs of support rather than systemic structural repair. 

Industry has its own issue – lack of knowledge.  Lack of knowledge of what is out there, mostly from Government.  Lack of knowledge of all the apprenticeship and traineeship options, lack of knowledge of industrial law, lack of knowledge of employment options ...and so on.  This needs to be fixed through education at the venue.


This is our plan 


  • Skills training identified by the THA Great Customer Experience Program and expanded (and introduced) throughout regional and metropolitan Tasmania through short video based training programs that are delivered “at venue” and at an affordable, and attractive price.

Apprentices and Trainees


  • A much better informed industry that can make better decisions around staffing and other issues
  • Make the training and information available through seminars, information sessions and appropriate and targeted training.