Hospitality Ambassadors

The THA is passionate about communicating the benefits of working in the hospitality industry and has a fleet of youthful, engaging Hospitality professionals in all regions of Tasmania, that have their own unique and inspiring story as to how they embarked on a career in the Hospitality industry.

Many industry people do not realise the power their career story can have in inspiring students to consider a career in industry.

The key points that they would cover when speaking with students are:

  • Positive & negative aspects of hospitality careers
  • Range of pathways and job types available in your industry
  • Employer expectations of those working in the industry

In talking with your students, Ambassadors will be honest about what it really takes to be in the exciting, fast paced hospitality environment:

  • Resilience – some times in the heat of service and head chefs are trying to pull together an entire chef brigade, things are said to get things happening
  • Commitment- When customer are coming to a hospitality venue and paying good money to dine and drink or maybe even entertained at your venue they expect you to be hospitable
  • Stamina- long days on your feet, can be physically tiring. Kitchens are active places and things usually need to happen ASAP, and they happen quickly, because customers don’t like to wait
  • Passion- to see you through those hard times when you have been working hard and you question yourself why it is that you do what you do

If you are interested or require further information, and would like someone to come out to speak with you regarding either one of our Ambassadors Programs or A Taste of Hospitality program, please contact Peter Handy 0404 031 004 &