Building a New Workforce

Our Young People

The THA way starts by focusing on Work Experience as a better process – kids apply, are interviewed and earn the right to work, schools provide, and more particularly venues get, a good product, outcomes are negotiated and it is a worthwhile learning experience on both sides.  The student is better prepared, we provide training in the process.  We need to work with Government and partners like Beacon Foundation to facilitate this.

Following the improved Work Experience the THA focus is on transition to School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships as pivotal in removing the pebble – up to 3 years learning while earning, up to 3 years with student and venue getting to know each other, educating and training the student, getting curriculum and pathways right (even to tertiary level) and setting students up to succeed while giving venues and the apprenticeship and traineeship systems a systemic boost.  What a winner.

Giving students real life examples of Hospitality as a career through our Hospitality Awareness and Ambassador Programs – give them every opportunity to select the right career options and promote Hospitality as a career option – inspire students who are suited to Hospitality to participate and be successful.  Promote academic pathways.

Fix the Apprenticeship and Traineeship model to make success more likely – a flawed process where we cannot continue to see 30 to 40 percent completions as any measure of success.  This will need significant analysis of all aspects of the process and we believe that THA is best positioned to do it properly. There are and continue to be reviews by stakeholder and these reviews generally result in more programs of support rather than systemic structural repair.



  1. Greater engagement with the young people in our schools and the subsequent development of a much better informed and appropriate workforce through:
  2. A better Work Experience system enabling venues to better identify suitable and engaged young people’
  3. A greater and focused emphasis on School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships to grow the number of young people moving on to full apprenticeships and traineeships – boosting skills and availability within the industry.
  4. Working with DoE and other partners like Beacon Foundation in school engagement models (Hospitality Awareness) that will inspire young people who see Hospitality as a career and have a better chance of “success” to move through the Hospitality stream.
  5. Formation of a young and successful Ambassador fleet that can engage with young people and tell the real story.
  6. A strategic review of the Apprenticeship and Traineeship system performance in Tasmania, a system that is failing in the Hospitality environment.



THA to lead the community in creating as many School based Apprenticeships as possible each year by:

  • Engaging with the Tasmanian Government and Department of Education and partners like Beacon Foundation about how better to run Workplace Experiences for students through
    • provision of the “right” young people, having an application and interview process (vetting),
    • providing pre work experience training, and
    • making sure employers understand what their obligations are. 

This is the feeder system for School Based Apprenticeships.

  • Promoting, with DoE and partners like Beacon Foundation, in the school system with teachers, students and parents the benefits and opportunities that will be available from School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships.
  • Engaging with Hospitality venues and promoting School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships as a solution to ongoing quality staffing issues. 
  • Engaging with the THA major partners to support these young people through being “preferred training organisations” and ensuring partners have policies, personnel and procedures that support the program superbly.  Monitor this closely, THA can do this.
  • Supporting our partners, including Beacon Foundation, in their school based operations, and implement with these partners the promotion of School Based Apprentices and Traineeships.
  • Manage a fleet of young engaging Ambassadors who can engage at all levels with good success stories and a real understanding of the industry and its career and social implications, and can promote the understanding of the “right” students about Hospitality as a viable, attractive and realizable career option.
  • Undertake a critical, deep, strategic review of Apprenticeship and Traineeship system performance in Hospitality in Tasmania.  Interview participants and employers, critically review processes of support, training and venue performance.  Provide a better model.